LanaPug's Minecraft Server

Scenic photo of server in 2013

After 10 1/2 years, I shut down the server. No one was playing anymore. All the Clans players disappeared with the demise of Mineplex, and we really haven't had any survival players in a long time. Some people would pop in from time to time, but they weren't really playing the game.

The server started on March 15, 2013, as a whitelisted server. It had players from at least 14 different countries. But most of the original players drifted away long ago. So it was time for the server to die its natural death.

If you were a creative world player and want a download of the builds, you can download a zip file of the world here: (278 MB). Note this is a 1.20.1 world; you can't load it with 1.8.8. Also included is a .csv file listing all the plots.

Original staff members:

Group photo of players in 2013