Bob's Stuff

I used to live next to the railroad in Morris Plains. I liked hearing the electric trains whoosh by at night. Speeding through the darkness toward Dover or Hoboken, the trains passed by in only a few seconds. I would think of the passengers on the trains and where they were going - home to loved ones after a late night at work, or perhaps on their way to work for 3rd shift.

Sometimes, I could hear the bzzzz, bzzzz of the arcing between the pantograph and the overhead wire. There was a signal near my house, and I could tell how many cars were on the train by listening to the click-clack as the wheels went over the joint in the rail. click-clack... click-clack, click-clack... click-clack, click-clack... click-clack, click-clack... click-clack - four cars on that train.

Trains speeding through the night - whoooshhhh... - into the darkness as I fall asleep...